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At Henry Corbett & Co. we are surrounded by amazing artisans, so we decided that it is only fair that we should share these amazing people with all of you. We are very excited to launch The Henry Collective, a series of articles that invites you to get closer to the artists and interesting people who we have had the pleasure to meet at Henry Corbett & Co.

Our feature this month is on Photographer Ben Cole who specializes in Food, Beverage and Still Life. His work can be seen at the Henry Corbett & Co. boutique and we are happy to be able to share our chat with him with you.

 Find your own style and develop it, be creative and never loose your passion.

Tell us about what you do

I’m a professional photographer, I capture and interpret life using my camera and work on commercial and personal/art projects.


What was the path that led you to be a Photographer.

From a young age I was interested in photography, especially processing and tinkering in the darkroom. These years spent experimenting and discovering naturally drew me to find a way of making a career out of it.


How would you describe your photography style?

I would describe my style as “CCC” clean, clinical and creative. I try to capture a moment of interest in all my images, using my technical knowledge mixed with creativity to bring out these qualities.

What gives you inspiration?

As I move through life the changes and things happening all around inspire my thoughts and ideas. This may be watching a bead of water running from the edge of a cold drink or watching cars pass by in traffic. I find it’s the moments that I stop and take in life that drive my creativity and inspiration.

Name a person who has been a creative leader?

Of recently there have been many creative leaders in my industry. As the medium of photography is ever changing and evolving with different processing techniques and technologies available to us as well as the traditional methods. I would say a leader that comes to my mind is a friend of mine Tim Hixson who has been the leader of plastic camera photography in Australia for many many years.


Who is someone that has inspired you from your field?

Early in my career I sat in on a Broncolor (Professional Lighting Brand) Lighting workshop with Urs Recher who is a Broncolor Master. His technical ability and knowledge of light shaping is amazing and pushed me to discover the qualities of my lighting ability even further.


What has been your most exciting photography project?

I shoot a lot of amazing commercial projects but my personal and art projects are the most exciting to me. They allow me to create a vision that I have and bring it to life. Recent personal/art projects that excited me have been the Liquid Flower, capturing a paint dipped Gerbera mid-movement. And another image called Candy Dissect where I worked with stylist Carlu Seaver to capture a dissected cinema candy inspired image.

How would you describe your personal style?

Like my photography simple, clean and creative.


Do you have a particular material or object that you love to use?

I shoot most of my images in studio on a Sinar camera system, I love it! I also shoot a bit of 120 and 35mm film through vintage and plastic cameras for personal projects.


Where would you like to fly to in the world next?

My next trip is actually the Maldives, booked for late this year on my Honeymoon.


What is your favorite building?

I recently visited NYC and from this trip my favourite would have to be Top of the Rock, the Rockefeller Center. Watching the busy world down below and being able to see from end to end of NCY is amazing. It created one of those moments that made me stop and take life in with the contrast of stillness at the top to the busy mayhem down below.

What is your favorite Interior Style?

I am a sucker for a bit of industrial vintage!


If you could choose a piece of furniture to add to your collection what would it be? and why?

At the moment I am doing up some original Parker furniture including a vintage extendable dining suite and side table. When these are done I think they will be my favourite as they will reflect me.


What is your essential piece of clothing?

Ironically although I am a photographer my vision is poor so can’t get around without my specs. I currently have a pair of Paul Smith’s with black arms and turtle shell fronts.


Jewellery has been worn by men and women for centuries what is your favourite piece?

I have been known to have a few rings in my time but also love a good watch. For me the jewellery needs to be simple nothing too flashy.


What is a Movie or Book that you have enjoyed recently?

I recently watched Baraka and Samsara both non-verbal films directed by Ron Fricke, exploring life. The imagery is simply amazing.


What is your favorite restaurant?

At the moment I’m loving some of my little locals. Cheap good food with friends and a bottle of wine can’t go wrong.


Where do you go out to in your town .

I live on the Northern Beaches and love a more intimate setting so usually one of the many wine bars and pubs


People will see you regularly at?

Grabbing a coffee… yep addicted to Caffeine


What is your favourite piece in the Henry Corbett & Co. boutique?

The Henry Corbett & Co. Kitchen in the back space is stunning. The elements of detail especially in the counter top are fantastic


What is your favorite
  • Furniture item: Love a Hans Wegner Chair
  • Art piece: 99c store by Andreas Gursky
  • Object of desire: Too many to list
  • Classic item: Austin Healey 3000


Inspiring advice you would give to new people wanting to start in your field?

Find your own style and develop it, be creative and never lose your passion.


Lastly what is the best thing about being a photographer?

As photographers we are creative problem solvers. Everyday is different with new challenges, and that’s what keeps it interesting. I love  working in a creative field with like minded creative people.


To find more information on Ben visit Ben Cole Photography

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